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I would recommend taking a crash course in how the progression of game difficulty should properly be applied, because that was some of the most ridiculous boss attack patterns, right out the gate.

Also, as others have stated: I concur. Those Special Stages are horribly painful to play. Everything moves far too fast, and you have a split second to react to ANY Rings that appear on screen. The amount present within each Special Stage is not the factor.

Spikes everywhere, enemies appearing on screen immediately in your path hurting you before you even have a moment to react (and often with terrible-to-haphazard placement)

Some decent spritework here, and the levels at least feel somewhat like they belong in a proper 2D Sonic game, but the overall balance is borderline Kaizo levels of bulls---.

i dont know if its just my pc because its not a fancy gaming one but about 6-8 seconds into the game it freezes and dosent unfreez. it might just be a issue with me tho lol


bro you gotta fix them special stages , its painful to play through honestly

So I have a small question. Are there any plans for a mobile version of this game. Unfortunately I don't have a PC or laptop to play this game but I'm very interested to play it. I know Sonic 3 AIR has a mobile port and Triple Trouble 16-bit is getting one at some point so I thought I'd ask.

I'm sorry but I have no plans to do it, the game uses direct x9 for transparencies and the water effects, and I don't have the tools to convert it for android without having to rewrite a very large portion of the game.

@Sotaknuck Sorry, but this game have a tutorial installation? And, it doesnt have virus, right?

You just have to unpack the zip file in the folder you want, there is no need for a tutorial, and no, no virus attached.

@Sotaknuck Ok colegamigo, thank you. And I have a question, how do you make these amazing fangames? With Sonic Worlds Engine?

Yes, I used version 1.5.1 and built upon it. If you're starting from scratch there is 1.5.2 out and other engines based on it as well.


ngl this is a pretty good game


I'm having a problem where my pc wont run the game because "it contains a virus


Hello, it's a false positive. You may have to set up an exception for your antivirus to allow the game to run.

Thank you


Cool !!!


I got a question about the game, Is there like multiple save files for each character or can u use any character after you beat the game?


You can use any character once you unlocked all of them and bonus stage mode. Your save file will become an "ALL CLEAR" and you'll be able to start from any act as well

i've made this an long time ago but i never made an page of this before, by casualty i found this package i made in 2021, only updated the loop points, enjoy this package.

Am I just terrible or are the special stages hard? I've played Sonic 2. I've gotten all the emeralds. But the speed the special stages in this game go seems absurd. Everything just blows past me before I can react.

They are not as hard as they first seem.

Just practice them a little, you'll eventually be able to guess the patterns the game is throwing at you. Mind you I didn't say you need to memorize the level, just the possible patterns. If you manage to do that you can clear any stage the game has.

  • Try to never stay in the center too long, you'll likely get hit by a bomb
  • Jump left and right, don't run left and right
  • If you keep tapping the direction of the wall you're in, you'll stay stable in the same place
  • Each section has 3x the required amount of rings, don't get discouraged if you miss a line of ring at the start of a pattern.
  • Don't worry too much about having all the emeralds on the first playthrough. You can replay green grove and go for the missing emeralds quite easily on a cleared savegame

Yeah, I was afraid of that. 3x the rings, huh? I AM terrible.

in reality those stages are really easy and the music doent's seems to help but if you want some energetic music for the special stages i will recommend you the wow soundtrack for this game made by me, those are an banger tho. (the special stages from the genesis ver or 3D blast are good but i like the saturn music more)

i dont know but i wanted to hear midi in-game for this fangame lol but it will have breaks to play an midi so it's impossible to maintain the game's flow with midi music for the problems will have, just ignore this comment ok, thanks.

if you want to create original music for this game and you dont know how to loop it in game, check loopinfo.txt and you will know how to fit the track in game, follow the steps and tadah, if you having trouble i will help you a little in the comment down below, if you are really in trouble and you dont know how to use audacity, (the preferred program for me) then i will have tle pleased to loop correctly if you want, that's it for this comment.

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for everyone's sake, i will say that the tv filter makes an work here, as you can see, this fangame has dithering for extra colors, not for transparency, since it's has transparency for waterfalls, shields, tubes and more, without the tv filter, you will see dithering, is an bit charming for some people, but anoying for some others, here's an example:

for backgrounds:

with tv filter on:

with tv filter off:

and here's some dithering in eggman's mobile:

with tv filter on:

with tv filter off:

the tv filter doent's need to be activated if you only want transparency.

here's an example:


with tv filter on:

with tv filter off:

see? the waterfalls will look more colorfull with tv filter activated, but those waterfalls already has transparency so the filters does an great job hiding dithering from this fangame, and i can say that it's looks great for me who's played this in 2020, this fangame aged pretty well for it's standards, good job sotaknuck for using dithering to simulate genesis graphics, it's looks great with tv filter on, well if you want more examples comment here. thanks for your patience.

What's your favourite setting? Full dithered, sharp, or with only the backgrounds filtered?

i use normally full sharp but seing genesis videos that the dithering is used in many games for that system, so i tried the full dithered and damn, it has more colors than the raw image lol, so i personally use for extra colors, if only wanted transparency, the game already has tranparency for transparent objects, if i want tho not see dithering i whould use the tv filtered option, some transparent objects like the waterfall has more colors with the tv filter on and it's looks more cooler than the rew image one


i've got no idea was i created this but i gotta say that this is an masterpiece for sure for the music in this game lol


Time to give it a listen!

it freezes sometimes


can I get mfa?

oh hey a sonic game

Chromebook Linux Codes????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????/ I Also Have A Tablet Powered By Android So Can You Make A Mobile Port If You Don't Know The Chromebook Linux Codes?

Just wanted to say since nobody responded to you yet that the description on the Sonic Fan Games HQ page has a method for Linux that I've used that might work for ChromeOS. The creator has no interest in making an Android port and is probably tired of being asked about it now though.

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I recently made a (Sonic 3D Blast Sega Saturn) Music replacement.

It has all OGG changes.

You just copy the folder and go to Data> then replace Soundtracks> folder with this folder.

You will get all the music from the Sega Saturn Version of Sonic 3D Blast with some slightly new themes also added in.*

^Here is the new Soundtrack Folder.

I made this because I like this game so very much.*


Hello, thank you for enjoying the game and for the effort taken!

However, you should consider to download and use the Saturn DLC which already has the Saturn Soundtrack, doesn't require to replace the Mega Drive Music,  allows you to select which music to play in each act individually and loops correctly.

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Why Does Silver Sonic MKII Keep Game-Ending Me Without Hesitation?

I Also Had To Take A Long Break From Playing This Because Of Gene Gadget Act 2's Unfair Difficulty.

MK2 keeps attacking if you stand close when he bounce on the wall.
Give him some private space.

mano esse jogo é bom mas os special stages tem um nivel de dificuldade INSANO, eu preciso pensar muito rapido para pegar os rings ou desviar das bombas

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(edited from original to be more elaborate)

overall, game is really cool, I really like a lot of the ways things are adapted into 2d, however, I think the way the difficulty is implemented can be needlessly frustrating at times

I love hard bosses, however imo the lives system makes all of these bosses less enjoyable than they could be, i'm aware the other games and even mania have lives systems, but I think that this is significantly harder than those, and many bosses which could be a fun test of the players skill, become stressful and less enjoyable, I think having a no lives mode would heavily improve the game, and although there were several moments that while in concept and even gameplay are cool as hell, all of this being combined how it is left a sour taste in my mouth

the worst offender of this in my opinion, is panic puppet act 1, I haven't finished it, I tried for 2 hours

the issue here is that this level is LONG, and although the level itself is maybe one of my favorite adaptations from 3d blast to 2d (followed by the gene gadget boss) 

but on repeat playthroughs, this level takes seven minutes

I think combining this with a double boss fight, in a gameplay style that is only really used once in the genesis games and just isn't used before hand, while both bosses are full length fights with completely diff move sets, AND the inability to pick up rings when hit again

it's just too much at once, and the fact that all of this is ACT 1, means that if you screw up act 2, you have to do it again

I'm aware these systems are in place in other classic games, but this really does not feel designed around it, and I think it causes this game to be far more frustrating than fun, I don't WANT to learn and improve on a boss when I get maybe 4 tries max, and have to play through a gigantic level beforehand

Enjoyed it until I gave up on the second boss fight.
Maybe my eye coordination are not what they use to be. 😅
I might come back and try again sometime.
Raged at the game a little towards the end, but some of it was due to the unfair level design:

Difficult bosses are the name of the game here!
In the case of Eggman in Green Grove 2 it's all a matter of spacing.

Just look at how the ball bounces, and try to always stay on the same side so that Robotnik shoots the metal ball on a similar trajectory every time.

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I would like a mobile version of Android, unfortunately I don't have a PC to test it with.

Is there a Cheat Menu hidden in this game?


Ah the good old feel of sonic games. Nearly launched my controller through the wall. The game looks great though.

Does anyone have the control mappings of the game I try to play it in a Windows emulator but with A gamepad that I get from the Google Playstore.and well I need the mappings to configure it

I really like this game. One thing though, I'm having trouble finding the sound test menu. It doesn't show up on the start menu. I have a 100 percent save. Is there anyway to unlock that? I'm stuck and I would like to make my own music loops. Thanks for the game. Must have taken a lot of hard work.

Hello, thank you for playing!
To enable the Music Options you have to download and install the Saturn DLC. Place both the Saturn and the Custom folders of the DLC in the Soundtrack folder of the game.

The game will detect them and enable the Music Options in the title screen.

Aight time to hack the files

Thank you for that. I was able to create my own loops and I may release them. Made a video show casing them. Thanks again.

Drop a link if you complete a custom pack!

Deleted 177 days ago

This is the mod. I also made a video demonstrating it. Thank you for your help.

Thank you!

how to get shadow ?

Clear a full game with a good ending twice, it doesn't matter which character.

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Okay, the game itself was good. The platformer part was really great. All the zones here were neatly transfered from 3D to 2D. That's great... Now about minuses. There are some of them unfortunately.

First, the screen resolution. It's not THAT bad when I go for the full screen the image it doesn't get very stretched, but it still somewhat ruins a really good picture.

Second, it was probably only my problem but when I uploaded Saturn DLC music the game crashed for some reason. Only once though. The same crash never happened again. So maybe my computer just had some weird brainfart at that moment.

Third, and my main complaint, the special stages... Sorry, but they are bad. I never liked Sonic 2 Special Stages in the first place, but here... The controls are somehow even worse. The things like rings and bombs appear way too late, with no time to react to their appearance at all. In fact, original Sonic 2 special stages had some specific rules to the rings appearance in them. Like for example, when the tube turns rings and bombs appear only on the side which is visible to the player and NOT on the side where you can't see nothing.

Now, I am not saying that the game is bad becasue of it. No, of course not. But I will say, that these special stages really ruin the experience for some players who hate those Tube Special Stages. And yeah, Saturn Sonic 3D Blast had those stages too, BUT they were easier since they were in 3D and gave time for reaction, and again they followed the rules in placing rings and bombs during the course.

So yeah, that's my opinion on your game. But to not end on the bad note I gotta say that was a really smooth ending with Robotnik\Eggman finding the Chaos inscriptions on the walls of the Temple. Really nice! Especially considering that according to Jap. canon all the events of Classic Sonic are taking place not on Mobius but on our Earth, so it's logical that after 3D Blast Adventure Series starts)))

Thank you for playing!

The game has been made to respect the 4:3 screen ratio of a mega drive game.

You can toggle the screen ratio by pressing F12, so that the full screen resize isn't strecthed to fit.

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I love S2 special stages, or similar designs with the sonic's CD Special Stage sprite animation (not the flat garbage done in mania, please), quite better than the originals, specially with some modding in the music like this x)

i agree on the issues with the special stage though. If it could run smoother like sonic 2 in nds with true 3d, and improving the input response, you'd make happy another sonic fan :D

Honestly, these special stages shouldn't be made in 2D at all. 3D ONLY. They aren't suited for 2D in the slightest.

How come Ahsura's fire dash doesn't protect him from fire?

Well, because I think as an attack alone it should not provide innate protection.

I still think it would make more sense to remove the fire effect from Ashuras air dash but Ok.

No, it does not.

I envisioned Ashura to have an innate fire dash, so he should have a fire dash animation.

I wish it could work underwater.  Wouldn't it make sense to give him the ability to maybe breath underwater or something because of how he originated from waterfalls?

Then he would be very op

and just how to create act 2 with sonic world delta i want make a fan game but i dont know how to create act 2 and change zone ,  i can see any tutorial on YouTube so how to create act 2 and i can the sonic worlds engine  you used for the fan game ?

well, just copy the level file and make sure to also have a "black screen" transition file between them.

After that just change the call to the next level to be to your new black screen.

It's just a few clicks in fusion.

hello,i just wanted to say thanks but im gonna go test if this works.

well, i dont know why this dosent works for me this is normal ?

I'd say it's normal when you're learning how it works.
Did you find the condition to load to the next stage?

No, please explain me.

There is not much to explain. You have to look into the game events and find where the command to move to another screen is.

To learn how to navigate and use events is something you have to do on your own with a bit of trial and error.

hello i just want to say this game is good but i think last boss is hard  final weapon and the 7 Chaos Emeralds boss too if there more rings i can finish the game

Idk if this is intentional but when you hit the signpost before the rusty ruin act 1 boss, when it spins, instead of showing shadows normal signpost picture, it shows this. I don't see it anywhere else. It looks pretty cool. 

It's the beta signpost I made originally before I remade the final one for release.
As Nack's signpost is a different object compare to the real one, it still has the beta Shadow in. Consider it an easter egg of sorts ^^

plz how i get Ashura

To unlock Ashura you need to play a full game and get a good ending 4 times.

plzzzzzzz tell me how i get the green sonic plzz 

i have been looking for a hour strate plz

uhhh how do i cheat code

 Ho Ho, I Remember Criticizing This Game For It's "Tedious" Difficulty.

the 3third sone did not give me a chaos emeralds

Clearing Zones doesn't give you emeralds.

Silver Sonic gives you an emerald as an easter egg (he had a chaos emerald in Sonic 2 master system)
Nack gives you an emerald as he is hunting for them, and I wanted this detail to be somewhat relevant in game.

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