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Sonic 3D in 2D is a fangame that reimagines Sonic3D Blast plot and levels with style and structure closer to the games that preceeded it. Explore Flicky Island in a 2D side scrolling platformer that takes elements from the other Mega Drive/Genesis games to re-forge an adventure anew. Fight new and challenging bosses, save Flicky Island and stop Robotnik's final plan to harness the Flicky's power for himself.


  • 15 Acts to explore in 8 Zones
  • 15 Boss Battles that will put your skills to the test
  • All classic shields, including the Golden Shield to use the homing attack with Sonic
  • 3 Playable characters at start (Sonic, Tails, Knuckles).
  • Physics close to the Mega Drive/Genesis games.
  • Lots of Easter Eggs
  • Unlockable Extras for more gameplay options


  • Green Grove Zone: hills are alive with the sound of the Badnik's engines. The flikies have been turned into robots and it's up to you to blast through the Green Grove and free the Flickies!
  • Rusty Ruin Zone: ancient ruins re-emerged from the sea. Make your way through the ancient traps of a long dead civilization as you keep searching for the Chaos Emeralds!
  • Spring Stadium Zone: a crazy funhouse of pinball, barrels, bumpers, springs and spike traps! Hone your jumping and bumping skills to survive here!
  • Diamond Dust Zone: have your snowboard handy? The snowy mountains of Flicky Island are filled with snow and ice. Watch out for explosive snowmen and uncover frozen springs to make your way through.
  • Volcano Valley Zone: quite a change from the cool slopes! Leap the lava beds and use your spin dash to activate the elevators. Keep an eye out for the Fire Shield to protect yourself from the worst burns of your life.
  • Gene Gadget Zone: this mixed-up mechazone is chock full of pipes, tubes and wiring. Not to mention electrified floors, shocking fields and industrial fans that will blow you around!
  • Panic Puppet Zone: looks like Robotnik hasn't even had time to place the flickies into robots. The final confrontation is approaching!
  • ???: find all of the Chaos Emeralds to know more...


Game controls are set by the user on their first launch and they will map a mega drive/genesis controller. As such the commands for each character are described with the genesis button map (arrows, A, B, C, start). Controls can be changed any time by pressing up and access the "controls" submenu in the title screen.

  • Movement: Arrows
  • Jump: A, B or C on the ground
  • Secondary Action: A, B or C mid air after a jump
    • Sonic: Insta Shield or Shield Power (depends on the active shield)
    • Tails: flight or swimming
    • Knuckles: gliding or climbing when against a wall
  • Roll: Down when moving
  • Spin Dash: Down + A, B or C when standing
  • Peel Out (Sonic only): Up + A,B or C when standing
  • Super Transformation: C when jumping with 7 Chaos Emeralds and at least 50 rings.
  • Pause the game: Start

Other Controls:

  • F2: resets the game
  • F5: toggle TV filter. No filter, all filter, filter only the background (1.21 onward)
  • Enter: Unpauses the game No longer as of 1.07
  • Alt + Enter: Toggles Fullscreen
  • Alt+ F4: Closes the game


Machine independant Speed

Should you face heavy slowdowns in the game, try to run it using the "machine independant speed" option by following these steps:

1 - Make a windows shortcut to the exe of the game
2 - Go into the link properties and add the /MIS1 command in the destination field after the double quotes

it should look something like this:
"C:\BLAH BLAH BLAH\Sonic3D2d 1.25.exe" /MIS1

3 - hit OK and start the game through that link.

Water effect compatibility

As of version 1.08 should you discover that the water in game looks like a large dark wall, try to run the game through a shortcut with the command /LIGHTWATER

Re-Enable Fusion 2.5 OLD Pause System

If you experience slowdowns after the new pause system has been released, try running the game through a shortcut using the command /OLDPAUSE this will re-enable Fusion's un-pause system. You will gain some FPS, but you'll be forced to UNPAUSE the game by pressing ENTER.

All commands listed above can be entered in the same shortcut, separated by space (EG: /MIS1 /OLDPAUSE).

Updated 29 days ago
Release date May 26, 2020
Made withClickteam Fusion, Audacity
Tags16-bit, 2D, challenging, Difficult, Fangame, Pixel Art, Retro, Singleplayer, sonic, sprites
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Xbox controller, Joystick

Install instructions

Download and unpack the zip file in a directory of choice. The archive includes xinput1_3.dll ("Microsoft Common Controller API") required for the game to work and detect controllers.

If you're downloading a new version, you can open the zip and take the exe into the folder of your previous installation, or extract into the same path and overwrite everything. Both the savegame and control settings will carry over automatically.

How to install the Saturn DLC

Simply unpack the zip, and drag both the "Saturn" and the "Custom" folders into your Data\Soundtrack\ folder without overwriting the existing music.

How to play on LINUX

Special thanks to mindbender444 for a Linux Installer on Lutris:


Alternativelly you can follow his step by step guide:

* Wine version: lutris-5.7-x86_64
* DXVK option off. (otherwise would crash immediately after launch)
* Use winetricks to install vcrun6. (otherwise crash after input setup)
* (optional) Set up a separate wineprefix to keep things clean.

The game works in either fullscreen or windowed mode, but it may crash after switching between full and window a few times during gameplay. Left screen with low resolution after crash. Configure -> System options -> Restore resolution on exit in Lutris settings made the original resolution return the next time it crashed. So, just be careful toggling between the screen modes.


S3D2d-1.26 16-05-21.zip 66 MB
S3D2d Saturn DLC.zip 77 MB

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Hi Sotaknuck, I just wanted to ask if there are mods for this game and if there are which ones you know and recommend me


Hello, there are no game mods for the game, however there are music mods that you can download and apply. Some of them are on itch as well.





You putted the link of my mod first, like that small yogur said "Me siento como en la cima de la góndola" 

Thank you for all the great work you have put into this game!

What is the game’s native pixel resolution? I assumed 320x240 but this seems not to be the case because I see vertical scaling artifacts when playing fullscreen at 640x480, with no filtering enabled 

(1 edit)

Hello, the game's resolution matches the one from the Mega Drive games, so it's 320x224.

The latest patch (v 1.26) introduced an option to keep the screen ratio by pressing F12.

That will resize the screen with the proper proportion, adding black bars on the sides or on top and bottom.

Great, thanks for the explanation

hello again, i managed to solve my problem sorry for the inconvenience

I already installed it and did all the steps to have the music from saturn but only music options appear to change the music from mega drive to saturn and no soundtrack options

(1 edit)

How can I use the soundtrack options and the music options????

Hello, just download the Saturn DLC and add it to the game

first and most inportantly install the saturn DLC and then extract it to soundtracks

i like the game but im am bouncing on eggman then i lose my rings and them the yellow springs din't bounce hight enuogh then the spike ball has aim bot so i can make it pass act 2

(1 edit)

Robotnik throws the spike ball at a fixed arc towards you.

It's just a matter of positioning. Try to stay on the right side of the screen to have it bounce in a predictable way and be able to walk under it and avoid it easily.

ok UwU


I've always wanted to do a concept like this. Good job!

this lags so much

but i like it



I Am Playing As Knuckles So Why This 

it happened to me

Were you playing with wechnia before choosing him?


This Was My First Time I play This Game


Do you plan on Making a Mac Version of this game?

i'm editing an video related to this game were how to get al achievements, it will be a split to 2 parts the first one is done but it has to need some adjustments before publishing and the second one is still in progress

(3 edits)

I've already completed all the achievements except for the last one (Amy's Achievement) and suddenly a huge trouble appeared. Every time I collect a Giant Ring, game freezes for about 15 seconds (regardless if I already have all the emeralds or not). Also identical freeze appears when I try to start a new game.

UPDATE: I had killed the application while frozen and lost saved data. Luckily I had a restore point from two days ago. It doesn't freeze anymore so now I can try to reproduce it...

UPDATE2: I tried to repeat the actions I took before the problem  started and I managed to reproduce it. First I defeated the final boss with Amy (just the Final Fight from All Clear menu that is), then I went with her to the statue in Rusty Ruin where I was unable to complete the achievement (guess I have to complete the entire game once more, don't I?). After that I started a new game as Amy and that's when the first freeze occured.



Did you set the controls properly?

If you need to reset them, just delete the file called "last" in the Data\Profiles folder.

did you see my comments? it has problem reports from this fangame

is this safe for windows 10

Yes, it is. Unfortunately sometimes Windows 10 or some Antiviruses still block it. You may have to set an exception to run the game.

Ok thank you!

Its blocked

well, this is not supposed to happen:

and this happens with fans and some tubes in the whole game

Could you explain exactly what you do to trigger the transformation? I can't seem to have it activate when I'm on vents. Do you press more buttons at the same time?

(1 edit)

nope, you need to transform exactly when you hit the fans triggers, this is hard to pull of but i did it accidentally when i was playing with tails, and it cancel's the super transformation, this will hapens when you transforming exactly when you hit the tubes triggers, it happened to me in older versions of the game

ok, it means I need an additional check in the fans, thanks.


bitch u gotta choose
3D or 2D
u cant do both bitch

sonic latam si existe: 

(1 edit)

i found some glitches in the menus of achievements and the music menu: 

another bug with those menus: 

I'm sorry, but I can't replicate it...what do you do exactly to trigger it?

you need to be  in the exact place when between the lock and unlock and press the up and down buttons at the same time, this happens with the achievements menu too

and there's a version where this happens but it going down

Ok, so I have to disable one direction if both are pressed. Thanks

hello people, i'm working on a sonic rush adventure soundtrack for sonic 3D in 2D that obviously had an work in progress, most of the soundtrack is in the package but only some of the most soundtracks are ready, if you want to try it i will leave a google drive link to download this package (download here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GJYjw5DcEbaBRKktbOpXU-tYWWWjAKCQ/view), OH i forgotten that i finished another work of the soundtrack from this game because the 5th anniversary of my gaming channel that will be public in may 22, and the adventure one the next day after the release of the anniversary pack in may 23. so stay perky

(1 edit)

the page from the anniversary tracks for this game is still a work in progress but the tracks are completed, ho and the rush adventure tracks are completed (NEW UPDATE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1On--WskVBqG3rvQXiPhqjL13mgrjlBDd/view)

https://kitty2135.itch.io/sonic-3d-in-2d-the-annyversary-tracks the page now have a download option to download the anniversary tracks for sonic 3D in 2D

(1 edit)

I've just discovered two bugs with Knuckles' gliding:

1) He behaves weirdly when you glide into the ground.

2) When you land after gliding you can't initiate Spindash immediately.

To make things more interesting both of these things occur only when you glide using B or C, everything's normal when using A button.

It's probably related to the defaults of Sonic Worlds that use only A for gliding. I'll check it out, thanks!

Had an itch to play again and had something interesting happen.

What!? How!? I have to look into it! Thanks once more!

can you add pro controller support? or at least a way to fix the game not detecting controllers

when i unlocked the shadow the game erased all my save and i lost all my progress

I'm playing this using porting kit on mac, and when I bind the start button the game crashes

Deleted 53 days ago

I tried to transform into Super Sonic during this boss and he grabbed me during the transformation process and caused the emeralds to float there in addition to cancelling out the transformation.

Ouch, that's irritating...I have to disable collisions with him if you're transforming...thanks for reporting!

it happened to me in some places in the whole game

this will sounds really good with diamond dust

(2 edits) (+2)

¡Es un juego perfecto! Jugué muchos fangames, pero este juego es hermoso que los demás. Hiciste el Sonic 4 original que todos queremos. 

Terminé como cien veces.

Excelente trabajo Sotaknuck!

(1 edit) (+2)

Thank you! And thank you for your new custom soundtrack (https://ferchoroger.itch.io/remastered-soundtrack-sonic-3d-in-2d) as well! I'll definitely make a new game and use it!

i'm creating an aniversary custom music pack for this game for being 5 years of being in youtube and i will release it in may 21 2021, the day of the creation of my gaming channel, i finished but it will be some updates during this period


queres ser un tester en mi nuevo paquete de musica de este juegazo? esta terminado pero habran actualizaciones y se lanzara como metodo de aniversario de mi canal de youtube llamado kitty2135

Le dices a Sotaknuck o a mi?

(1 edit)

te lo pregunto a ti para ver que quede todo en orden ademas si funcionan o no, tenes discord o algo para pasarte mi carpeta de soundtracks customizados para este juego? es como metodo de aniversario de mi canal de youtube

i don't quite understand the Machine independant Speed part. like, i make a shortcut of the game's exe. and then what. i tried it that way, and it didn't work for me really

Hello, just use properties on the shortcut, and add /MIS1 after the "destination" path.

the "destination" path? i don't know where that is whenever i make a shortcut on the game's exe thing. like i create a shortcut, and there's nothing of a "destination" path that allows me to do that. you got images or a video or something?

Once you create the shortcut, access its properties. In its tabs there sould be a section with type, path, and destination

After the double quotes in the destination tab just put /MIS1

the closest i get with this is target type, location & just target. and i put that at the end of the exe stuff and it says it's not a valid path

Hello, it should be "Target" for you, so you should make its path into "...blablabla\sonic3d2d 1.24.exe" /MIS1. The additional commands should stay out of the quote and separated by one space.

i will leave some of my ideas of what if looks like when starting this sonic fan project: 40 giant zones: 20 robotizized (like in kirby planet robobot when a giant alien machine touched the pop star and all the worlds has been robotizized) and 20 unrobotizized and the final zone like the final world of kirby planet robobot - 7 chaos emeralds and 7 super emeralds nights styled special stages with different themes in each special stages - 7 mania styled time stones special stages and 7 sol emeralds sonic 2 styled special stages: 28 special stages in total with 28 tracks for each special stages - a different type of encore mode for this sonic fan project and with 12 different playable characters: 6 from sonic and 6 from kira kira pretty cure a la mode with almost unique moveset for each character

3 more achievements to recording and the second part on how to unlock all achievements to be starting with the edits:

Deleted 75 days ago
Deleted 75 days ago

on what engine game creator whould you recommend to create my firsth fangame and the most giant adventure ever with 14 zones 2 giant acts with hard bosses and some 3d sections (mostly the slide sections and plane sections) with the lost world styled special stages with bonus stages like circus and a epic adventure

That's not an obvious question...

Fusion + Sonic Worlds Delta (the one I used) is quite good and allows for an impressive level of customization if you want to invest time with it, but doesn't do 3D by itself.

There are newer sonic engines available but I'm not familiar enough with them, so I can't really provide recommendations. Jump to sonicfangameshq, they should be able to provide better suggestions.

(1 edit)

ok, thanks but i will start as soonest i get an more powerfull computer to start this project. i want to create in-cave versions of tropical coast zone of sonic lost world to create some type of music effect like some mario games

and i will search some engines that can do 3d and create the most biggest sprites sheet ever for an fangame, it will be awesome

and with ui scaling effect for the zones to make an lost world vibe

this is an example: outside the caverns:

i've updated my custom soundtrack

i will use unreal engine with paper 2d for my biggest fangame project

as i said before i will wait to start this grand project of the sonic fangame community if i get an more powerfull and with more space computer to start it

If this is your first game, my suggestion is to start small.



a lot of text to just say " it's a sonic 3 hack " 

lol. dude, you diudn't reinvent the wheel, you can't replicate sonic 3d blast in 2d - they are two totally diffeent styles of games ( for instance, you can barely jump in Sonic 3D blast, as it's an isometric puzzle game akin to captain toad, not speed, bopping enemies and bosses ) 

I wanted another 16-Bit Sonic Game.

(1 edit) (+2)

umm I would like there  to be a Mac version of the game because a have a Mac desktop I’ve tried crossover and anytime a set the controls it closes


I don't know how crossover works, but it is based on wine, so the crash on control setup may be for the same reason.

Try to install vcrun6...but honestly I don't know if crossover can install winetricks and make use of it.

you should check some tutorials on how to do it in youtube

hello sotaknuck i found an odditie with the signpost of green grove zone act 1 it's seems that the camera is not blocked that it should be, it's only for green grove zone act 1

and you can try my custom soundtrack called the extra soundtracks here: https://kitty2135.itch.io/sonic-3d-in-2d-the-extra-soundtracks-with-audio-loop-f... if you found an loop error advice me with an image and i will update it

why do you even passed this bug and not fix it, now you can fix it so this will never happen again


Hey there, nice find...which act and where in it did you find it?

(1 edit)

if i remember it's from act 1 in tails and knuckles section if i know with this button that open the door near the button and you will find this

this is supposed to happen with these enemies? because that enemie had an awful collision detection with the walls

(1 edit)

and it still works in the newer version of this fangame:

 and i found an bug with silver sonic while i playing with knuckles:

To optimize the game and keep it fluid their collision is disabled when they are out of view, but I'll add more coding to prevent that.

i can still climb with those walls even if i passed the level, it's an bug with the detection of the walls i checked and this happens in some levels, it only blocks the move if the signpost has stoppe moving, not the capsules

You can climb the wall, because there is a wall...why should it be a bug?

you should repair these goals for not softlocking the game if you climb in those walls if you're still moving in some moment the controls will lock and you cannot complete the level if you're still climbing

Ok, so the problem is that you get stuck when control is removed if you're on the walls. Got it. I'll fix it for 1.24, thanks!

(1 edit)

this happens in some levels if i know

(1 edit)

and there's more, first i did an spindash but accidentally pressed jump in the wrong time and this happened with the doors (for example the rusty ruin doors near the act 2 boss):

it will happen in other doors for sure but i dind't checked it, so you need to tweak the door open and the close so this will not happen anymore

in some type of bug? yes but the climbing in the walls doent's. you should let the movement active when a signpost is stopped spinning in some type of gamebreacking bug that you need to restart the game becauste of that it only works with knuckles or bluckles

I'll be checking why the camera doesn't lock  when the signpost is hit, thanks!


sometimes that odditie doen'ts works it must be some type of speed if you get to the signpost so fast the camera lock doent's work that it should be

you need to use any character if that odditie works

It's a problem with the unlock of the boss camera and the lock with the signpost. If you get to the signpost too fast you may be able to trigger the lock of the camera before a second safety unlock I placed for the boss.
I fixed it for 1.24

it's only for act 1 of green grove zone if i remember

you're welcome

(1 edit)

i've found these bugs during my playing time with tails, there are 3 i've found: 

1: this bug let's you stay in the button from these capsules if you press it from the very edge of the button' this is not an problem, since you need to be at the very ledge of the button. to complete the act 2 (or act 1 if you're playing panic puppet zone) in every zone, you need to be a little bit centered to the button to free the flickies. this is a little glitch.

2: this is an collision error with the ground bumpers of this zone, to do this you need to jump and positioning in the right spot, this is more easier with tails or wechnia to trigger this glitch but it's doent's to be a gamebreacking bug or something, this is a little glitch too.

3: a visual glitch with the flashing colors with the bosses that make the hud a little bit messed up.

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